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    Introduction to PHP

    Hello! I wanted to provide a quick introduction to PHP. PHP is a great language to learn. It's used by WordPress, the most popular CMS in the world, Facebook, and lots of others. PHP is in the "C" family of languages - it's a lot like C# and Java if you're familiar with those. You start and...
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    .com TLD price increase

    Boooooo!!!! (n) But great deal!
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    Could PHP/MySQL be added to programming forums?

    I've taken an interest in it and it would be cool to have some PHP/MySQL forums. Didn't see any.
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    Awesome community update!

    I stopped back and saw the forums updated! awesome! :D I like it a lot! Is my verified badge gone? :cry:
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    AlmaLinux 9.0 is out!

    Howdy! In case anyone missed it, AlmaLinux 9.0 is out as of today. Looks like it's on the NodeSpace mirror https://mirror.nodespace.net/almalinux/9.0/isos/x86_64/
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    Hello! I didn't see any specific place for introductions but I wanted to say hi!  I'm glad NodeSpace decided to open a forum. It looks like this place will be a lot of fun once more people join :D  kinda cool I'm one of the first!  :P I'm a NodeSpace customer for a few years now and I really...