Want free hosting? Write for us!

If you are interested in writing technical content for us, you can earn free web hosting. We are looking for anyone (yes, even if you're not a professional writer or technical writer, this can be an opportunity for you to improve your writing skills) willing and interested in creating knowledge base articles, blog posts, documentation, and community walk-through guides on our community. Depending on what you create, how in-depth it is, and if we use it, will determine the amount of credit we'll add to your NodeSpace account.

Knowledge Base Articles

We're looking at refreshing our knowledge base to assist users with cPanel, dedicated servers, VPS, WordPress, and other systems and software. Creating a knowledge base article is a simple technical article. It is a way to easily walk people through steps to solve common problems or complete common tasks. For example, see this example KB article or or this article.We have a strong preference on KB tutorials for cPanel's new Jupiter theme (especially updating our existing articles).

KB Article Credit: $10.00 per accepted article; $5.00 per article that meets our quality standards.

YouTube Video Tutorials

If you can create YouTube video tutorials that are 5 to 10 minutes in length and are engaging, helpful, and good quality, we'd love to post them on our YouTube Channel. Admittedly, our channel needs a lot of work! Because of this, we will reward for quality here. Videos with high level of production quality and standards that we post will be rewarded with $100 to $500 of account credit. If your video is of high quality but we don't end up using it, we will reward you with $100 credit. Because of the high payout on this, we have strict rules in order to qualify:

  • Absolutely no copyrighted music is permitted. Public domain, royalty free, and Creative Commons (CC-BY, CC-BY-ND, CC-BY-SA are all acceptable. Anything licensed as CC NonCommercial will not be permitted) works are permitted.
  • Please talk in the video (or if you use a voice actor, you can use them). Do not use text to speech generators that sound like a robot.
  • Do not use Notepad or another text editor or on-screen text in place of spoken words.
  • Speech must be in English. If you're multi-lingual, we will double the award for any additional languages.
  • When screen recording, be sure to blur any sensitive information. IP addresses, names, emails, addresses, domain names, etc. should all be blacked out or blurred.
  • Please brand the video for NodeSpace. Please contact us and we'd be more than happy to send you our brand kit with logos and our brand book (the rules and guidelines for using our logo as well as approved colors, fonts, etc.).
When submiting your video, please submit only the rendered video. If we use it, please send us the original source files. Please keep in mind that you will be transferring ownership of your video to NodeSpace, including copyright.

Blog Posts

If you've read our blog lately, you'll notice that we love to share our knowlege and wisdom about Linux. One of our popular posts is Useful Linux Commands to Know. Posts like this are great as they help people looking to learn Linux find useful information. Additionally, we use them to promote our VPS servers. We like to have a backlog of posts, so we don't recommend writing about current events in tech. However, if you do write about current events, we will try to post it ASAP. When it comes to blogging, we have the requirement that the work submitted must not be published anywhere else - whether it's a book, KB, another blog, your website, etc. All work submitted must be original. We will pay out $10-$30 per accepted blog post. If you submit a blog post and we like it, but it just doesn't meet our standards for publishing, we'll award you at least $5 per post.

More Categories Coming Soon

We're making the criteria for other ways to earn account credit. Keep checking back to this page!

Terms & Conditions

  • All work submitted must be original.
  • You agree that by submitting and having your work published, you will be transferring ownership and copyright of the work to Xinsto, LLC dba NodeSpace Hosting and granting us an exclusive license to the work.
  • You will be compensated if you meet the requirements listed for each category. Compensation will be made as account credit. Account credit cannot be redeemed for cash and is non-refundable.
  • As a contributer, you will be offered the same benefits as a paid customer. You are subject to the same legal agreements. Violation of any agreement can result in suspension.
  • If we find your work is not original or infringes on the rights of others after we have accepted and published it, we will revoke any remaining account credits.
  • Account credits will be replenished if you submit new materials. If you sign up for a $5 hosting account and are awarded $10 in credit, you will have free hosting for 2 months. If you don't submit anything after 2 months, you will have an invoice that you must pay or your service will be suspended.
  • Account credits are valid on all products and services we offer: web hosting, dedicated servers, VPS, domain names, software licenses, etc.
  • NodeSpace reserves the right to change these T&Cs as well as determine award amounts and criteria at any time without notice.